We have all been at home for a few weeks now —you may be facing the same dilemma as many of us in our newly home-bound lives, you may be getting bored at home, run out of ideas to keep the kids entertained, struggling with balancing new homeschooling tasks with work tasks. You may have started with adventure with I can finally get some of those tasks done I’ve been putting off or read that novel that’s been gathering dust on the shelf or this will be fun but now it’s getting old and you’re ready to return to your bustling hectic lives and getting your hair done, those roots touched up. Now is the time to set practical goals and simple habits that will help you ride out the remaining days of the shelter in place ordinances.

Keep a journal – Journaling just a few minutes a day can increase mindfulness, boost your intelligence, spark creativity, improve overall awareness and help you achieve your goals.

Turn off your device – open a book, do some yoga, write in your journal, talk a walk around the block. Turning off your phone or computer for 1 day can increase your brain function, you’re able to think more deeply and remember more; postures are improved and sleep improves

Make your bed – by completing this one task, the next tasks become easier. As an added bonus your start the day by performing an productive action