from our stylist, Marie Cesar….

I would like to share my at home deep treatment process with you

After a shower, with fresh wet hair, I apply deep conditioning treatment to all my curls, really rubbing in to each curl so it can get all the nutrients and moisture into each curl. (don’t be stingy with the amount you are using).

Eufora and Jessicurl Deep Conditioner are excellent choices for deep-conditioning treatment.

Then I apply heat (you could use a shower cap or a plastic bag wrapped around your head with a towel to retain heat) for 30 minutes

Then you need to rinse your hair with cool water and apply leave-in conditioner such as Eufora or Jessicurl and towel dry with a t-shirt like material.

You want to rinse the masque from your hair because it contains protein and you don’t want to leave that protein in your hair too long, as protein promotes elasticity, too much elasticity will result in breakage.

After rinsing and towel drying, you can use your leave-in-conditioner or apply supercream and let your hair air dry for at least one hour.

After your hair has air-dried, you can use the defuser to make your hair extra-bouncy if you want too or you can just let your hair be natural.

Deep conditioning is all about treating your hair and your scalp, we’ve got the time, let’s use part of it for our beautiful hair.

Please stay healthy and safe

We look forward to seeing you soon.